Schedules. Mapped. Shared.

Schedules. Mapped. Shared.

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Join the Scheduling Revolution!

The Key is Not to Prioritize What’s on Your Schedule, but to Schedule your Priorities
— Stephen Covey

MeetPoint : The Innovative Scheduler

Here at MeetPoint, our philosophy is simple — we strive for the best, most intuitive, and most popular scheduling app for teams and social groups alike. We provide the powerful, cloud-based map-based substitute to basic phone scheduling apps.

  • Cloud Integration

    MeetPoint utilizes the power of Google Firebase, so that your events are always synced with the cloud — meaning that no matter what happens to your phone, you’ll never lose your important events and data.

  • Social Features

    MeetPoint, by integrating friends, allows you to view your friends’ schedules and events all from the convenience of the map. Events can be shared between friends and you can see when they’re busy.